søndag 6. september 2015

Transforming rooms...

...is something I've done a lot of in this house since we started the refurbishing.. -from a boys room to a girls room, to a babyroom, to an office, and back to a girls room!
That's how it goes, while the kids grows up..
After we came back home from USA, this room has become Nicholas' room, and he's so excited about having this loft-bed!
Madelén has also moved to another room, not quite ready for the camera yet.. ;-)
And Isabella is now sleeping in Nicholas' old room, whos blue wall actually goes great with her pink stuff!
So, for now, everyone is happy with their new bedrooms!
And we also transformed Isabella's old room, so we've got a new, tiny office upstairs!
I don't need as much storage-space as I had downstairs, after I sold my webshop www.miasinterior.no to my sister!

Flytte rundt fra rom til rom er blitt noe vi er vant til her i huset, og etter vi kom hjem fra USA har nesten alle byttet rom!
Løsningen vi har nå kan heldigvis vare lenge!
Isabella og Nichos rom slik de er nå, på bildene over!

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Løp og kjøp ;-) 

Happy Sunday, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. I have four children and we have changed rooms around more times than I can count. We actually just went through a change of rooms again with my third daughter moving away to attend University. The last son moved into her room and we now have his old room to transform into a guest/studio room. Your son's bunk room is wonderful. My sons would have liked that at his age.


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