fredag 4. september 2015


 September started with lots of rain, and it's still raining!
This weekend we're supposed to see the sun again, and I can't wait!
Mostly because I have to take some new pictures, and need the light... ;-)
Haven't been using the woodstove yet, but it won't be long I guess...
Gotta admit it, even though it's hard: It's Autumn!

Høsten har kommet, regnet høljer ned, men jeg krysser fingrene for at sola som er meldt, dukker opp i helga!
På tide å få tatt litt nye bilder her i huset, og da trenger jeg lys... ;-)


5 kommentarer:

  1. Glad that you are back again with posts .....missed it !! ;)

  2. Det var virkelig godt å se sola idag, og jeg håper den skinner på oss hele helgen :)
    Fin helg til deg og dine!!
    Klem Mirjam

    1. Ja, endelig kom den!! Masse deilig lys :-) Ha en fin helg dere og :-)

  3. The Autumn light is something I look forward to. It is beautiful in your home. It was so nice to hear from you on my blog this morning. Coronado Island and the San Diego area is really beautiful. That is where I live while attending San Diego State University. Your photography of the area and your entire trip captures all the beauty.

    To travel to Norway would be a dream come true. But I no longer fly...the fear and anxiety are too much for me. You are so kind to offer a house swap. I would have liked to open our home to you this time but we had so much happening this Summer with our four children. One daughter's graduation from University and then traveling through the Northern US. The other daughter moving North to go to University. Our son competing in sporting events. Our home was like a revolving door with so many coming and going and all the parties we hosted to celebrate them. But possibly the next time you visit the timing will be better :)

    I look forward to your coming blog posts. So happy to meet with you here. xxo

    Sea Tidings,


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